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Temple Mount

In light of the fact that Israel's sovereignty in Temple Mount is constantly being undermined, in addition to the destruction of antiquities, illegal construction on the mountain, Jews being prevented from praying on the mountain and acts of hostility perpetrated against Jews who enter the mountain – Professors for a Strong Israel has turned to the municipality of Jerusalem, the Israel Police Force and the Israel Antiquities Authority to find out – by virtue of the Freedom of Information Act – what steps are taken by the authorities responsible for the Temple Mountain to enforce Israeli law on site.  The authorities refused to give a reply, claiming that the subject is a "sensitive" one and should remain confidential, as is the case in the State Comptroller's report.  Professors for a Strong Israel turned to the Jerusalem District Court, as the body responsible for ruling in administrative matters, and filed a law suit against the authorities that had refused to disclose the requested details.  The first hearing took place yesterday.  I was happy to note that the judge himself found it difficult to understand why providing answers to such questions as – "How many building permits were given on the mountain?" or "How many violations of the Antiquities Act were recorded on the mountain?" – would undermine national security in any way.  The judge then sent the authorities "to do their homework" and fixed a date for another hearing, a month from today.  I hope that next time the authorities will be ready to give detailed answers.

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