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The Death of the 'New Jew'

Caroline Gilck show, August 2023

Interview with Prof. Elisha Haas

A striking feature of the Left’s anti-government campaign has been the prominence of veterans of the 1973 Yom Kippur War in the effort. What happened in that war that radicalized so many of its soldiers? How did that war affect Israeli society in the fifty years since the war? Is there a deeper decades-old ideological debate that is coming to the surface now with judicial reform?

To answer these questions and to understand the main foundation of the civil unrest Israel has been suffering since February, Caroline’s guest on this week’s Caroline Glick Show is Prof. Elisha Haas. Haas, is a world-renowned professor of bio-physics and the former head of Professors for a Strong Israel. In the Yom Kippur War, Haas served as a reserve company commander in a mechanized infantry brigade that fought in the Golan Heights and Syria.

They discuss - the different ideological camps that have been in conflict since the establishment of the State. - the profound effect that the Yom Kippur War had on socialist Zionism. - why so many veterans from that war are fighting against the Netanyahu government.


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