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Professors for a Strong Israel is a non-partisan organization that aims to promote the security and Jewish character of the State of Israel.  The forum is comprised of professors, researchers, scientists, university lecturers, senior military personnel and retired justices.  Any person with a PhD, as well as medical doctors, dentists, retired military officers (with a rank of colonel or above) and retired judges may join the forum as full members. Any person advocating the goals of the forum and endorsing its activities may join as associate-member. 

We endorse and promote the following principles:

The Land of Israel is the national home of the Jewish People:

Both Judea & Samaria as well as the Golan Heights are an integral part of the Land of Israel.  Every Jew has the right to live in safety under Israeli sovereignty in all areas of the country.  We fervently oppose giving any part of the Land of Israel to a foreign body. 

​Jewish heritage

Israel's education plans and curricula, as well as its legal system, must be founded upon Jewish heritage and Jewish national values, with the aim of preserving the Jewish character of the State of Israel. 

​Free market economy

Israel's political and economic systems must adopt the principles of a free market economy; do away with political prioritization and reduce government intervention – all with the aim of enabling the State of Israel to fully realize its economic potential.




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