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דגל ישראל
Western Wall
Independence Day Parade
Soldier with Gun

Language shapes consciousness

In recent years we have seen how the media, politicians and policymakers have engineered our consciousness. Inter alia, through the indoctrination of expressions taken from the postmodern world and the progressive left.  For example, the term "The First Lebanon War" impresses on the mind that the objective of the war was imperialism – conquering Lebanon – whereas the name "Operation Peace for Galilee" highlights the fact that the objective of the war was achieving peace and quiet for the residents of the Galilee.  Or if a specific opinion is labeled as racial, misogynous or xenophobic – terms often used by the left – the option of discussing the matter objectively no longer exists.  The minute something is labeled as absolute evil, how can any educated and moral being of sound mind hold such an opinion?  To fight this trend, we have compiled a glossary of terms we wish to promote instead of those used by the progressive, postmodern and post-Zionist left.  Instead, we wish to advocate the use of expressions conveying Idealistic, Jewish and Zionist core values. 

Antisemitism / Auto-antisemitism

Insulting or injurious behavior of Jews towards other Jews because they are Jews or because of their Jewish appearance or Jewish lifestyle. 

Rules of non-engagement

Characterizes what the rules of engagement have become.

Social empowerment

The real objective of the gar'inim – government-supported settlement of young people in the periphery and in mixed cities.  This term gives a succinct answer to those who accuse these settlement groups of gentrification – the process whereby a new population moves into a certain area and gradually causes the original population to leave.




The hatred of and any form of insulting or injurious behavior towards the ultra-Orthodox population.  Examples of this: the prohibition to provide separate areas for men and women in public spaces, even if the event is meant for the ultra-Orthodox. 

Jewish ethical education

Instead of using the term religionization


The communities of Judea & Samaria

instead of settlements.

The term "settlements" is used for localities over the Green Line, distinguishing them from those that are inside the Green Line.  This, in turn, labels them as inferior, disputed etc. This should be uprooted.

The communities enveloping Qalqilya

The term would best describe the following localities should an Arab state be established west of the Jordan River: Kefar Sava, Kochav Yair, Tzur Yig'al

Judea & Samaria

Instead of terms such as Occupied Territories or the West Bank.

An Arab state

Instead of a Palestinian state.

The War of Independence / The War of Liberation

Instead of the 1948 War.

Operation Peace for Galilee

Instead of The First Lebanon War

The Lebanon War of 2006

Instead of The Second Lebanon War

Director of Foreign Ties/Health/Internal Affairs in the Palestinian Authority

Instead of The Palestinian Foreign Minister, a term which denotes that the PA is a sovereign state, and paves the way for a Palestinian state.

Infiltrators / Invaders

These words should be used for migrant workers who have entered Israel illegally and continue to reside here illegally.  The left uses laundered terms such as: people with no status or asylum seekers.


Hatred expressed towards anyone who does not conform to the militant LGBTQ agenda.  (If you dare say that the Gay Parade may have been a little over the top, you will be called a homophobe, a bigot, an inciter, a hater). 


Having a preference for heterosexual relationships.

Ne'emanei Eretz Yisrael – those who are loyal to the Land of Israel Instead of the right-wing camp.

The uprooting of Gush Katif

Instead of The Disengagement.

The Pogroms/Riots of 2021

This refers to the pogroms instigated by Israeli Arabs, residents of Israel's mixed cities, as well as Bedouin's residing in the Negev.  The pogroms started on the 28th of the month of Iyar 2021 and continued into the following Hebrew month of Sivan.  During the course of these riots two Jews from Lod and Acre were murdered, and dozens more were injured in other cities.  Jewish homes were set on fire by their Arab neighbors, and there were numerous lynching attempts by Arabs against Jews. 

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